Just Keep Wrunning

Went out for another walk tonight, fast pace, but intentionally NO RUNNING. I turned on my Buddhify to help get mind and body connected, specifically focusing on the Embodiment meditation which asked me to acknowledge that exercise has an expectation on future results, but to pay attention to the work the body is doing in the present. I was most appreciative that my Brit said desired future results are very often about vanity  which is FINE and that 100% works for  me because I am nothing if not 100% vain.

It was a beautiful night, the kind of still, summer evening where the slowly setting sun draws down the heat of the day by throwing your shadow ever longer against the trail. Toward the middle of my exercise-walk, that familiar feeling of clarity I only get when on a run started turning on the groggy synapses in my brain and there it was: a cool thought!

This was not a run, nor a walk. I shall now call this…

a wrun.

And also, I will hashtag you my new favorite word whilst I recover from this injury, I will write about wrunning.

#wrun #wrunning #wrunnuer


6 thoughts on “Just Keep Wrunning

  1. My soleus inexplicably burst on May7. I was averaging about 20 miles per week – taking rest days – not upping mileage too quickly – in essence – behaving. It didn’t make sense. My world has been on tilt – massive tilt – ever since then because I am not a walker – and had to become a walker. A very reluctant crabby walker. No running for 30 days and then walk running for weeks and then slow increases.SLOW. I had previously entered a race every weekend, most of which I ended up walking – and was only able to run 1/2 of the 1/2 marathon I had planned for July 4. The ultimate goal was a 200 mile relay which I ended up doing this past weekend. All of this is to say that I feel you – deeply – and I can say that learning how to be ok without running when running is the only thing that allowed me to be ok – was a excruciating experience. Thus far, you are doing WAY better than I did. I spent much of this time away from running attempting to identify the lesson – because it didn’t make sense to me and I am really big on “sense”. What I came up with was that although it was a fantastically healthy crutch – running was my crutch – truly the only thing I had going that made me ok. It was my release, my processing mechanism, my alone recharging time, my peace. I realized that I needed to find a way to be ok – develop other coping techniques – without pounding the pavement. And I think eventually – over these 11 weeks – I did. I wish you more wisdom and patience and strength than I had as you get your legs underneath you again in the way that makes you most happy.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing this. Every time I’d read an article in RW about how all runners go through an injury and how excruciating it is on body/mind/spirit, I’d feel some compassion, and then flip the page, glad I had not had to go through that yet, and since I consider myself to be a mild runner (15-18 moderate paced miles per week) I guess thought it would not happen to me. Well, duh, of course I was not taking care of myself in other ways and the knees are taking too much pressure. (Dr. appt on Tuesday FINALLY.) I am happy to report that I do have other coping skills, but NOTHING is as good as the running, and nothing makes me as FIT for as cheap, and vanity and budget high on my priority list ;-)

      I know you know… and means a lot to hear that you got through it. THANK YOU!!! xo

  2. I use walking backwards as part of my warm-up and cool down routine which I find helps. I’m not sure what #tag you would use for that! Maybe #gninnurw? :)

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