This Post Counts*

I did not wrun today, darn it. And it’s almost tomorrow.

I did have a glass of wine though, which for me, midweek, that’s just CRAZY-talk. Perhaps also why I took a “nap” from 8-1030 on the couch.

I missed going for a wrun. Enough to not not-go tomorrow or the next day or the next, and also enough not to break my no computer electronics or TVs in the bedroom rule to type out this quick pre-sleep post to not break a growing daily posting streak. (Full disclosure: I started typing this at approx. 11:51PM, but won’t press publish ’til after midnight so I will be adjusting the time. *My blog, my rules.)

No meditation today either and I actually noticed missing that too! Will sneak in a Buddhify on the ferry tomorrow.

Oh and this: orthopedic doctor appointment is on Tuesday. Here’s a great Runner’s World video of what I think my diagnosis will be. Stay tuned.

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