The Stuffing Recipe

The first appearance of the Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing, 2007.
The first appearance of the Green Chile Cornbread Stuffing, 2007.

Like most sentient Americans I know, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday of the year. Imagine, only food, nothing to buy or re-gift for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people, sharing all the food. I wonder if you can?

I KNOW YOU CAN!! How delicious is Thanksgiving?! A whole holiday devoted to celebrating gratitude for what we have and for being with the people we love? I already want seconds.

For the last six years, I have been making the stuffing for Thanksgiving, which to me, is the dish that distinguishes Thanksgiving dinner from all other turkey based meals. I picked stuffing because of my dad. My dad’s stuffing is a classic cubed bread with celery, green apples, walnuts and sausage, and it’s mouth-watering. I used to get caught every year sneaking into the kitchen while the turkey was out of the oven and resting, because I would pick the crusted stuffing right off the top, chomping it down before I got yelled at to stop. In 2007 I decided I was ready and I needed to come up with my own recipe, one that could become desired enough to risk burned fingers and yelling, and one to impress my friends who are all fantastic cooks. I am happy to report that I succeeded.

I am a big believer in recipe sharing, not doing that underhanded thing where you leave out ingredients to try and stump your family or friends and they wind up with the dish being ever so off. However, this stuffing recipe is cobbled together and requires the main ingredient to be shipped or schlepped on a plane. I am going to link to the source recipes and resources and tell you my method, then the rest is up to you. Either that, or you will have to be at my table next year to get the goods.

Cornbread is from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. Follow method EXACTLY. Double the recipe. Make a day ahead. DO NOT EAT. Or triple the recipe, eat one third and use the rest for the stuffing. (Oh! And I use lard not shortening.)

Green chile is from New Mexico. I guess you could use Anaheims but, ew, why? Order yours here. Only New Mexicans or those who have eaten my stuffing will understand the importance of the chile variety.

The stuffing recipe itself is based on this one from Epicurious. The changes I make are as follows: all the chiles I use are NM green, roasted, hot; I omit the jalapeños and the cilantro; I add bacon and garlic. Even vegetarians will eat this. Bacon is a gateway meat.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!! I am grateful for you all! xo


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