Farewell, 2013

There is nothing like spending time with an old friend, especially an old production friend (with full respect to soldiers, Marines and sailors, these production friends are MY war buddies) for the last 24 hours of a year to put a girl into a vulnerable state of reflection.

2013 was not my favorite year, but not my hardest. It started slow and ended strong. But, I am happy to see it off, letting it go into the past, taking only with me the hard won wisdom I kept showing up to receive. And for now, the three extra pounds that not-running put on the old-er bod.

Am I stuck on what I didn’t get? Namely more money and financial security, a healed body, and a boyfriend? Um, a little. But I know what I have to do to get them in 2014, and how to weather the challenges of receiving them along the way. I plan to start with two things:

Letting go of attachment to desired outcomes. (a.k.a., be present.)

Focusing on manageable steps to build skill. (a.k.a., writing more.)

Oh, and kicking major ass like this lady. (Happy New Year, friends! xo, J.)



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