2017, Seriously Tho, Goodbye

The recaps are in and America 2017 was overall pretty much super-fucked! I never thought the year that started with David Bowie’s death, continued on with Prince’s death and ended with Princess Leia’s death (oh and that election) could be topped in national shittiness, but we Americans are nothing if not into our SUPERLATIVE SUPREMES.

On a personal level, 2017 provided me with some very disruptive events and discouraging situations , but you don’t really begin to appreciate the glorious slog of middle age without a few gut punches to keep it interesting. Just when you’re like, “Even though everything hurts all the time and I can’t see, I got this!” Life is all, “Really, bitch? Enjoy this painful, slow-recovery surgery AND a job loss with an eight month search for a new one. Stay humble. Get to work. Here’s some pictures of Beyoncé to inspire you.”

And so, I did that. (The pics of Beyoncé totally helped.)

2017 was the year that I had to learn to lean on not in. I had to trust my partner, and try try try to soften (still working on this one… ).

With the support of family and friends new and old, I got a new and fantastic job, and in 2018 I will be able to run at least 5 miles without stopping, not to mention help get a bunch of GOOD WOMEN elected to the House, Senate, and town councils everywhere.

So goodbye, 2017. I took everything I needed from you and will put it to most excellent use in 2018.

Magic hour good in any year.

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