Messy Bitch


I don’t know if you noticed, but things are really bad. I am talking specifically about here in the United States of America, and that the levels of badness seep into every community in the nation. I know many of you are better than me at holding hope for an improvement come this November, but we have 276 days until Election Day and remember how this January felt like it had 74 days in it? It’s gonna be rough and the odds do not favor us.

Although the president and his enablers are not what many think of as smart, a sharp intellect is not needed to collapse democracy. This relentless hideousness is being done BY DESIGN. Causing confusion and exhaustion is a time-tested tactic that allows for shitty ideas and people to rise. What they lack in IQ they make up for in stamina, mostly because it’s less tiring to break shit and claim to know how to fix it by being in total control than it is to be fair and constantly, consistently reflecting, repairing, and DOING better. (Worth mentioning, the dumbshits are financed and promoted by many so-called libertarians, people, mostly men, who have amassed great wealth from extraction and oppression but saying it’s a free market anyone can do this! That’s a lie. See: finance, oil, media, tech.)

Our American habit of maniacal optimism is NOT the cure. Call me a cynic, but you’re dead wrong. I am finally awake, and while I am still learning just how entrenched and dire the situation is, I am not going down without a fight. Nor should any of us.

Instead of blind optimism I like to come at this from a place of love. Fierce, intense love. Love of self, love of family and friends, love of my community, love of country, love of all NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY HATE ME, I have to try and hold some love for them. If I don’t love, then I don’t care. And I fucking care A LOT. I want every person – especially the people who have been systematically (which means by the SYSTEMS we created and have been upholding) violated, disenfranchised, redlined, harassed, imprisoned, poisoned – to be able to live in safety, in health, in freedom, and respect.

This is actually hard to admit loudly and publicly because there are consequences to me personally by taking this commitment on. But I see no other way. That is my version of hope.

2 thoughts on “Messy Bitch

  1. Justine how much I agree with you,Born not really cynic,but certainly pessimistic,I never had that American optimism that I see in so many people around me specially in politic.But I believe in Love and Love Is the only antidote for the poisonous and really scary situation we are in. Thanks

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