I am a proud Gen Xer. The kind who remembers not having a computer in the home as a kid. Or in college. Or until age 25.
I live in California, but I grew up in small mountain towns in Colorado and New Mexico. I miss them.
No kids, but an aunt and an out-law step-mom. Both are great jobs.
Dog lover.
Hearty eater.
Loving family, fantastic friends, exceptional boyfriend, super-smart colleagues.

One FAQ: What does sugarleg mean?

sugarleg was the word I made up to describe what I found out were those icky growing pains you used to get as a kid that caused pediatric insomnia. when I had a bout of it, I would actually whine to my parents that my legs felt sugary and  twitchy, kind of like how it feels to have a sugar rush from eating too much candy. I have always used the word and can discern how quickly I will become friends with someone whether or not they get it. no really. I am very deep.