Day 31/35: What Does the Data Say?

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Day 35/35: Countdown to 10K

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Old Is New(sletter)

It’s the season of change at sugarleg HQ – I am on a job search! As happens with these major life events, I have simultaneously decided to clean out all my closets, rearrange rugs and furniture, and stop sleeping several nights a week. Don’t worry, I will not cut my hair off. (We can discuss Bad Hair ’95 another time. *Shorter* version: I lived and learned.)

I am also doing some digital clean-up, and as you may have noticed, I have been posting over at Medium. I am making some decisions about where to write (here and/or Medium), how to best share those posts, as well as more general life-y updates with you. So until the dust settles, here is the scoop.

I have (finally after 6 years) created a newsletter with TinyLetter. I plan to use this for the life-y stuff (job search currently/especially) but will also send a note when some good posts are up for you to read and share. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Thank you!

Please follow me on Medium, and over on Twitter, where I can be fairly sassy. See my Twitter feed over on the right side —>

Thanks friends. Although I am feeling the stressiness, I am also hopeful and super ready for a killer and fulfilling new gig. Hit me up, Dream Job!


Why I Love My Local Bank

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You Work for Me: A Letter to My Representative

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Deluded by The Donald

Head on over to Medium to read my latest post on how I used to be a Donald Trump fan. No really, it’s all true.