AFC Half Day 47: Remember To Stretch

Another shot from the January photo shoot with Anne and a good reminder:

and breathe in, breathe out...

American Thighs

Where have the last two weeks gone?  Been bizzybizzybizzy, but in a totally satisfactory, life-is-good-even-with-alotta-lotta-life-going-on kind of way.  However, I do have a gah-narly and super painful muscle spasm in my left trap and neck, so I’m not on a run tonight.  Instead, I have been laying on a tennis ball; the ball gets placed into the knot, then I shift my weight into the ball and it helps undo it.   It f’ing hurts, but in a good way most of the time.  Looking forward to knocking out a fast four miles tomorrow and getting some more writing done and posted.

Sharing another action shot to remind self that muscle spasms are temporary.  Just like everything, this too shall pass.  A very comforting concept.

Rain Rain, Went Away

I don’t like hearing complaints about imperfect-for-ME weather until the moment that the bad weather has lingered too long , breaks me and I join the masses of complainers.  The fact that so many whinge away about it on Facebook after one slightly unsettled day is a whole new level of irritation for me, but I knew I reached my personal tipping point with the near one straight month of rains when I posted something snarky about it late last week.  Apparently, this is what bad weather does to your spirit.  And then it turns your umbrella inside out.

The fact that it is sunny today actually has me slightly confused, like it might be a trap, blinding me with brightness as I set out without my Wellies in the car only to be duped by that devious storm cell waiting to drench me.  I have gotten so despondent, that I have not gone for a run in about eight days.  No wonder I am twitchy and suspicious and posting snark.  March has definitely been a lion, but I am comforted that it looks like it will leaving us like a lamb.

I decided to pull out another one of the shots from the photo shoot with Anne back on that gorgeous January day.  I liked this one for today because I look like a fee-fi-foh-fumming ass-kicking giant here, and I need all the motivation I can get to bust out a few miles tonight.  It should be noted however, that with the sun’s return, and the first quarter of the year coming to an end, I am feeling very excited for the next adventure.  Oh and,  my weather complaint slate is cleared too.

When a low angle works.