Camp Mighty: Do It

I like to joke about my laziness. I joke about my laziness because I have been ashamed that I cannot seem to get more achieved in the past several years, so I equate that with laziness which if you had not heard is an actual SIN and somehow if it’s sinful to be lazy, well then I have bigger problems than not writing a blog post everyday and getting a book deal. Or similar.

The truth is, whatever I put my mind to doing, I pretty much get it done, or even cooler, get moving along to a place that reveals a whole new set of adventures and opportunities. I am pretty powerful when put my mind to it.

We all are.

Getting myself to Camp Mighty this year was one of those achievements. I knew that if I could be at a retreat with women who inspire me, I would stop being fake-lazy and start doing some mighty creative work. I knew that if I could take a road trip, I could clear a part of my jammed up head. I knew that if I asked for help, it would probably show up. I knew it would scare the shit out of me, but that nothing I have ever done and was eventually thrilled by didn’t at first scare the shit out of me. I knew that if I just made a list, and then shared it and then listened to others’ lists and laughed a lot and cried a little and got a little drunk and wore sequins (thank you Echeve!) and danced and had a roommate and took notes and pictures and hot tubs and did it all for three days at once, well then, laziness is for actual sloths and Life Lists are for the Mighty.

Yes, another non-specific overview of Camp Mighty. I will tell the tales of the talks and the sponsors and the perfect and the weird moments as they come up for me. Doing it that way honors how long I know I need to bask in something, and then create it, and then share it. For now, some photos. Money shot at the end.

Click the pic below for wacky Space Party moves.

Camp Mighty Recap: Five Things

In the great tradition of telling the story backwards, here are my Five Things. I plan on explaining what that means and why these are the things, but it’s way fun to give the sneak peek. One tidbit: this necklace was a gift to me and all the attendees from Camp Mighty to symbolize the Five Things from our Life Lists we intend to check off in the coming year. My other most meaningful jewelry was happy to meet it.

I Am Pro-Moustache (also, clowns don’t scare me)

It is the last days of work before the end-of-year break, and I am, like most average Americans, distracted and not terribly productive.  (Also, still no run, boo!)  In between tasks that must get done today (or, what?) and watching the clock, I have clicked my way through some exceedingly entertaining year-end lists, moustache slide-shows (wait for those…), and super-silly tumblr blogs.  I have been sending them off to family and friends, and then thought, what the hell, I am going to share with all a y’all!

Complete and total silliness, and damn it, pure good clean fun!  I sent this to my cousins, since we all know each others’ parents.  I give you…
When Parents Text

Since I am spending time reflecting on 2010 and planning for 2011, I have clicked into many writerly and designy blogs that inspire me, as well as planny ones that help put the ideas to action.

Long live Maggie Mason and the Mighty Life List!  I have started my own.  You should too.  Do it.

One project I am excited about  is to turn one corner of my living room into a writer’s nook.  Here is where I get ideas.  And then click and click and click.  So fun.  There are millions, here are three popular ones:
SF Girl By Bay
Design Sponge
I Could Make That

Thanks to DeAnne for turning me on to this guy and his annual review process.  Meet Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity.  I like some of the ideas he has here for putting thoughts to actions.

Here’s a great year end round-up of the hipster-centric world of tumblr blogs, that honestly is what started this whole thing.  Beware, this is a 100% time sucker.  And watch out for raptors.

All the best movies start coming out at the end of the year, and I admit that one of the few times I miss Los Angeles is for the movie-going experience.  One thing that LA does better than anywhere and refreshingly, with great earnest, is movies, from makin’ ’em to watchin’ ’em.  People go opening weekend.  They arrive early for best seats (unless at the mecca called The Arclight where you can pre-select your seat AND eat the best carmel popcorn on the planet) and they stay through the credits.  (Mostly because they either worked on the movie, or know someone who did.)  They cheer in the right spots.  They laugh at the jokes with gusto.  They are riveted by excellent filmmaking.  They don’t tolerate distracted audience members.

And finally, to the moustaches and my movie pick.

My number one must-see right now is “True Grit” directed by the Coen Brothers and starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.  The grin that curled up across my face when I saw this little gem from NY Mag has made my day.  Yes, it’s true: I dig a moustache.

Day 17: Time To Be Mighty

Middle of the work day writing or posting is not the norm for me, but I need a break from the chaos of the last 24 hours, the last 8 specifically so writing a quick one will help. Also, bummer, I don’t think I am going to get a run in tonight as I have a late and very important meeting. Maybe I will just go to the dog-ro-mat. Those boys stink and it is very satisfying to get them clean.

My day started with a computer related meltdown at 6AM that made me 20 minutes late leaving and the task at hand unfinished. Already grumbly, I did not have time to stop for caffeine, but was keyed up anyway and I hoped for an anxiety buzz. I pulled into the underground garage, ran my computer up to my desk and logged in to touch base with the boss, then hurried back to the garage, then on to my next stop. I dropped my car off at the mechanic via an unexpected construction related detour, then hopped the train back to my office which was mercifully on time and then dove headlong into work. (Still no caffeine… ) There is a level of tedium going on right now that I refuse to let get me down, rather instead focus on gratitude for having a good stable job, but those irritations were creeping in on top of the to-do list.

Then all of the sudden, total anarchy. There’s not much that can knock me off balance, but an interruption by my personal life at work is one that can have me teetering. Today I got kneecapped.

I’ve recently downed a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant which helped.

And another, much more cooler thing has me standing all the way back up almost.

Yesterday during lunch I was doing a little surfing and looking at blogs of writers I like and was feeling inspired not only by their writing, but by their success. I of course checked out dooce, and saw that she had been at a summit of women bloggers over the weekend and I remembered that I needed to go check out the host’s website, Mighty Girl. I had forgotten about Maggie Mason, the creator of Mighty Girl, but for aspiring writers like me, she is a success story worth following.

Anyhoodle, she has a feature called The Mighty Life List, which is, you guessed it, a list of all the things you’d like to do in your lifetime. (I refuse to call it that OTHER name.) I love a list, so between bites of my yummy pasta and lentils, I started jotting some of my own down, and in just doing that could feel myself having that giddy lightness fill up my heart and head. I have been so damn serious lately, dealing with such serious, complex, multilayered, material problems, the kind that intrude on my workday, I have had no space for lightness. I haven’t felt inspired, or silly, or funny, let alone daydreamy.  I have been, quite necessarily, a machine.

So I let myself daydream. It felt good. I am going to keep working on my list and then I will share it here. And then, I will start checking it off.

Writing a blog was on there. Would ya look at that?