Monkey Mind

Just a note to say I am winning at failing at the Deepak/Oprah Perfect Health 21-Day Meditation Challenge. (I also hate the term “Challenge” as used for learning meditation skills, is it a competition? Um, no.)┬áNot only am I not trying very hard, I don’t like hearing Deepak’s voice as he recites the daily thoughts, not because what he is saying isn’t relevant or interesting, but because it’s Deepak, the ubiquitous spiritual guru to the masses with his lovely lilting Indian British accent and books and branding, I am totally distracted and counting his money for him. And I love money! And inner peace!


I don’t have a solution yet, but wanted to admit that I know I am responsible for the success or failure of this goal, and participating half-heartedly guarantees failure. I know I have to look for another method and teacher that suits my learning style, one that has a massive ADD chip on its shoulder!

Um, Ommmm?

It’s on the Life List 2013: Start a Meditation Practice. So, tomorrow, Monday 11, March, 2013, I am going to attempt to start to try to learn how to invite the practice of mediation into my life, maybe hopefully, but it counts, right?

It totally counts.

Am slightly terrified.

And I just took a deep breath to calm that fear.

Annnnnyway, I am going to join Oprah and Deepak, and if you want to try to, here is the link to sign up for the class. If I flail or fail, I will just regroup and hit up Spirit Rock.

But this is a start.