I Stand With Wendy

I can’t help but bust out a mid-workday post about the filibuster marathon going on right now in the Texas state senate. State Senator Wendy Davis is nearing the four-hour mark on an intended 13 hour filibuster of the heinous anti-woman, anti-health, SB5 which would ban abortions past 20 weeks and close down all but five of the state’s health clinics that provide abortions, as well as a wealth of women’s and family health services.

Senator Davis is reading the testimonies of thousands of Texas women who have had to make the gut-wrenching yet totally personal decision to have an abortion. She is not allowed to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, or even sit or lean on a piece of furniture while she does this, and she must remain speaking the entire time. The footwear she chose to power through this incredible day?

Running shoes.

Those look like Mizuna Wave Rider 16’s to me! (Pic by Bob Daemmrich.)

My Peach And Your Peen

For those following along, those on the extreme far right of the Republican party have been trying, and in many, many cases succeeding, at taking away the health care rights of women for the better part of the last two years.  This has mainly been happening on the state level (Arizona, North Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia to name a mere handful), but nationally the US House of Representatives has been trying to defund Planned Parenthood even though it is the number one provider of reproductive health care services to women and families.  It should be noted that most of these laws start with taking away choice rights, mainly by making laws that make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions, or to force women to watch ultrasounds before the procedure.  Most of these ultrasounds are stipulated to be “transvaginal” which is a clinical term for when they stick an ultrasound rod inside of your vagina to get the pictures.  That’s not invasive or stressful at all.

This week the women state representatives of Michigan were the latest to fight these extremists, with a taste of their own medicine.  A new bill restricting abortion providers ad nauseum was up for debate and vote, so the women, per procedure added amendments to the bill.  Representative Barb Byrum proposed an amendment that would require proof of a medical emergency prior to a doctor performing a vasectomy, which you know, only happens on penises.  Her sister-in-arms, Representative Lisa Brown said during debate, ““I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina. But no means no.”  For their trouble, they were gaveled down by the speaker.  Sorry ladies, you’re upsetting the men folk with talk of your parts.  But please, show us your tits!

Here’s how I know ALL women are over it.  Fox anchor and stalwart right-wing mouthpiece Gretchen Carlson, however half-laughing, WALKED OFF THE SET OF FOX AND FRIENDS this morning after being fed up with women-bashing, sexist jokes.  Although I hate it when Gretchen plays dumb (she is a Stanford grad, Miss America 1989 AND plays the violin), she was all smarts this morning.

Bottom line: the point has tipped.  Watch out extremists.  Not only will you soon be enjoying less vagina for your penises, you will soon be out of jobs.

I have a vagina and I vote.


Normally, I don’t get too heavily into politics here on ‘sugarleg’ because I already spend a lot of time reading politics and watching politics and talking politics and writing emails about politics and blowing gaskets about politics, and then I really need a run to cool out, and then I just don’t want to talk about it after that.  But this morning, a story that has been on my back burner came to a full boil, and I will burn the house down if I don’t share a few key pieces of information.

Many of you may have heard that the Republican led House of Representatives is trying to dismantle the new health car law and since they failed at a full blown repeal, they are trying to de-fund it piece by piece.  Although they got elected on a wave of concern about keeping that nasty big government off our backs  and promises to get the 10% of unemployed Americans working again, they are instead up to their old tricks of being in recess except for when they want big government to get inside my uterus.

After a massive public relations failure last week when they tried to re-define rape, a bill called H.R. 3 or “The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” wants to use the tax code to ensure that no tax breaks are given to provide abortions.  This is basically another layer of de-funding which already exists in the Hyde Amendment to the health car law (that says no federal funds to be used for abortions).  There is another bill called H.R. 358, “The Protect Life Act” that wants to reinforce the Hyde Amendment.  But here’s where it gets really scummy.  From the Washington Post, “The “Protect Life Act” would prohibit federal funding of abortions under the national health care overhaul. It also would prevent funding from being withheld from institutions that are opposed to providing abortions.” Yeah, re-read the last part about “institutions opposed” and think about what institutions are pro-choice and those opposed.  Opposed will get the money and pro-choice will not.  And who is on the not-get-the-money list?

Yep, PLANNED PARENTHOODThey are going after Planned Parenthood AGAIN.  By using the tax code.  Funny, I don’t seem to recall them having a lot of love for tax codes, or tax paying, or the IRS, but now they want to use the tax codes to keep funds away from a partially federally funded institution that serves women and families because they believe that that institution encourages abortion.  And then they want to turn around and give tax breaks and dollars to institutions that oppose abortion.

Dear White Republican Overtly Religious Usually Wealthy Oft-Divorced Congress MEN (and a few of your women colleagues):

F**K OFF.  My body is none of your business.

Have you ever even been in a Planned Parenthood?  Because I have.  When I started having sex way too young at age 15 and was terrified to tell my mom, but knew how babies were made thanks to SEX EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS and my parents candor, I found a friend to take me to PP to get on the pill.  I went to PP all through high school and then after college when I had no health insurance, no longer had access to my PUBLIC UNIVERSITY health clinics or to be on my parents’ insurance (which thanks to the new health care law young adults up to age 26 CAN be) and needed excellent, low-cost health care and birth control.  That MY tax dollars were funding!

Would you have preferred that I didn’t get a yearly pap smear?  Maybe lady parts you’re not merely objectifying make you squeamish.  Would you rather I risked pregnancy and STDs? Oh and I know you would have thrown me a fantastic baby shower had I gotten unintentionally pregnant.  Or, maybe not… unwed baby mommas are all just doing it to be on the dole right?

And now you use rape as a way to chip away at a woman’s right to make personal, private health decisions that sometimes include abortion.  Like I said, f**k off.

For those of you who did not see the brilliant and hilarious piece on The Daily Show last week about this, watch and learn.  (WordPress won’t let me embed it, grrrr.  Click above.)

Please feel free to vent with civility in the comments.