Me And Jimmy Stewart

Friends and readers know that one of my favorite movies of all time is Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” starring the singular, incredible Jimmy Stewart.  Another all time fave is Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” from 1954.  Stewart plays a professional photographer, Jeff Jeffries, who has recently broken his leg and is not only stuck in a wheelchair, but also his tiny apartment.  He passes the slow and necessary healing time <ahem> in between visits from his glamorous girlfriend (played by Grace Kelly) and his nurse, by watching his neighbors across the courtyard.  He begins to nickname them and know some of their habits, and then in true Hitchcockian fashion, there’s a dead dog and then a dead woman.  It’s a FANTASTIC movie –  from Jeff’s observations of his neighbors’ idiosyncrasies, to the sheer terror of witnessing a murder and knowing who did it, wrapped up in the suspense of the confines of the full leg cast.

The camera work still stands up today as being sharp and innovative and exciting.  I cannot look out one window and into another without thinking of “Rear Window.”  As I have been playing with my iPhone camera more and more, and using Instagram to help me tweak the images, also known as editing (makes me sounds like I know what I am doing, but really, uh, no) and my participation the past month in the online photo class called Two Takes with the Shutter Sisters, well, I have been having a lot of “Rear Window” moments.  (See two of those at the end of the post.)

As is the cosmic glitter of new and re-discovery getting stuck to your brain, “Rear Window” of course sparkled up yesterday in my news feeds in the form of this genius time lapse of the courtyard scenes in under three minutes.  It is absolutely gorgeous and creative and inspiring and totally f’ing cool.  Please check it out and if you have not seen the real film, Netflix that bad boy.  I bet it’s in a lot of queues about now.

My perspectives below.

Exercising New Muscles

Fast-walked the two mile loop again tonight.  Wow, that’s three times this week.  With a sore throat and everything.  (Oh, made the appointment with the acu for Saturday, can.not.wait.)  Took the iPhone again, on mute, and stopped for a few more homework snaps.  These two are my favorite.

You can see that I still insist on wearing my florescent yellow running (stolen from the cycling department) vest.  Safety is sexy.  But what you should really be looking at is my excellent composition <ahem>.  How cool does this look with the tilt-shift blur???  I love it.

And this one is just neato.   Even though it is so California Spanish Mission, it really makes me miss New Mexico.  And the civics geek in me loves that it is the town, I mean, city hall.

Vernally Equinoxious

Apparently, spring arrived on March 20th.  I had it in my winter-numb skull that it was getting here on March 22nd this year, for no other reason than it has been on March 22nds of the past and that seemed like the day it should be on.  I can shamelessly admit to a high consumption of Irish alcoholic beverages on the 17th, so perhaps that is what threw my brain off.  Also, all the non-running.  (On the recovery front, have been introduced to THE sportie acupuncturist to cure me, booking a round of treatments is on the agenda for this week.)

I did do the two-mile walk loop tonight though, and brought along my iPhone which is rare.  (It only comes with me on trail runs and stays on mute the whole time.)  And so, I snapped some pictures.  Am involved in a little project that I am enjoying so I needed to do my homework.  Here’s a few shots.  Yes, I picked totally forgiving subjects and bow down to my Instagram filters. What can I say:  I’m just a girl going through a photography phase.  In springtime.