This Post Counts*

I did not wrun today, darn it. And it’s almost tomorrow.

I did have a glass of wine though, which for me, midweek, that’s just CRAZY-talk. Perhaps also why I took a “nap” from 8-1030 on the couch.

I missed going for a wrun. Enough to not not-go tomorrow or the next day or the next, and also enough not to break my no computer electronics or TVs in the bedroom rule to type out this quick pre-sleep post to not break a growing daily posting streak. (Full disclosure: I started typing this at approx. 11:51PM, but won’t press publish ’til after midnight so I will be adjusting the time. *My blog, my rules.)

No meditation today either and I actually noticed missing that too! Will sneak in a Buddhify on the ferry tomorrow.

Oh and this: orthopedic doctor appointment is on Tuesday. Here’s a great Runner’s World video of what I think my diagnosis will be. Stay tuned.

Just Keep Wrunning

Went out for another walk tonight, fast pace, but intentionally NO RUNNING. I turned on my Buddhify to help get mind and body connected, specifically focusing on the Embodiment meditation which asked me to acknowledge that exercise has an expectation on future results, but to pay attention to the work the body is doing in the present. I was most appreciative that my Brit said desired future results are very often about vanity  which is FINE and that 100% works for  me because I am nothing if not 100% vain.

It was a beautiful night, the kind of still, summer evening where the slowly setting sun draws down the heat of the day by throwing your shadow ever longer against the trail. Toward the middle of my exercise-walk, that familiar feeling of clarity I only get when on a run started turning on the groggy synapses in my brain and there it was: a cool thought!

This was not a run, nor a walk. I shall now call this…

a wrun.

And also, I will hashtag you my new favorite word whilst I recover from this injury, I will write about wrunning.

#wrun #wrunning #wrunnuer